Houses For Sale in Bloomington

Houses For Sale In BloomingtonThere are usually quite a few Houses for sale in the Bloomington area. This is also true for Bloomington Hills. If you do not live in the St George Real Estate area, you may not realize that Bloomington Hills and Bloomington are actually two separate areas. The easiest way to explain the difference is, Bloomington Hills is on the East side of I-15, and Bloomington is on the West side of I-15. Bloomington was one of the first areas developed in the area, with Bloomington Hills not too far behind. Bloomington Hills may have some better views than the Houses in Bloomington. Both areas are very nice and sought after by locals and those new to our area. Truly, the Real Estate in Bloomington and Bloomington Hills accounts for much of the Real Estate business in the St George area.

Bloomington Homes Have Southwest Decor

Some of the Bloomington Homes feature the Southwest feel that was so popular everywhere a few years ago. With Western Indian influence strong in this area, some homes still exemplify the southwest feel, that can still be found in many California communities. Both Bloomington Hills and Bloomington are close to the historic Ft Pierce, that was a small fort designed to protect settlers from the Indians in days gone by. There are many historic connections to the Indians and the St George area. I mention this simply to legitimize the Southwest Decor found in many of our homes and communities. There is still Indian influence in Southern Utah as the Shivwhit Indian Reservation is on the out skirts of town on the way to Gunnison.