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If you are curious about what your home may be worth, go to Morley and McConkie. Basically they will need the total square footage, the year built, total number of garages, and any upgrades you have made. The best way to help you decide what you might get for your home is to find other homes of a similar age, size, and style that have sold. These “comparable properties” are the same ones that an appraiser will use to determine the fair market value of the home. This is significant as the fair market value is what lenders base their loans on. If the home appraises for $250,000 and the owner would like to sell it for $275,000 a buyer will need to come up with an extra $25,000 in addition to other closing costs. This is the reason that pricing a home correctly is so important.

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For more information about the parks in Bloomington Hills you can follow this link to St George City Parks and Recreation.

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