Bloomington Hills Views

Bloomington Hills ViewsThe Bloomington Hills Views are among some of the best in the St George area. This picture is taken from Hill Rise Drive, just above Ft Pierce drive. The view of Pine Valley Mountain is obvious, but this vista also includes a great view of the St George City area. The view is even more spectacular in the evening when the city is lit. There are often Bloomington Hills View lots available for sale. For information about these lots call of local real estate agent and ask them to set you up so you’ll receive notification when lots in Bloomington Hills come available. You may be surprised at the prices on these lots.

Bloomington Hills Homes With Views

Many of the homes in Bloomington Hills have nice views of the St George Valley and Pine Valley Mountain. Like anything the view from house to house varies. If you are only interested in a home with a view, again, contact a local real estate agent for help. When looking for a view lot or home with a view, it is important to take into consideration the surrounding homes. If the home with the view has houses around it, there is a chance they may eventually block the view. This can happen with home additions and vegetation. If the person below a home plants some large fast growing tress, the view may eventually be diminished, or er even lost. If there is not a home owners association in place the view home owner may not have any recourse. Years ago Bloomington Hills had a home owners association, but to our knowledge there is no functioning association currently in place. The view home owner may be able to negotiate some type of arrangement with the home owner blocking their view. It might be worth paying the home owner blocking a view to enhance the value of the view home.