Bloomington Hills Utah Ft Pierce Wash

Bloomington Hills Utah Fort Pierce WashBloomington Hills Utah Ft Pierce Wash

We welcome articles about the history and growth taking place in Bloomington Hills Utah. We would like to have an open format for residents of the area to share opinions and thoughts. We will be posting blog articles on a regular basis highlighting certain areas of Bloomington Hills Utah. We hope to provide pictures and relevant content about the area.

Ft. Pierce Wash

One significant piece of Bloomington Hills history is known as the Ft Pierce Wash. The Wash follows the creek bed, and was frequently traveled by the Ute Indians. This fort was built about 12 miles south of St George to detour the Ute’s from taking the local settlers crops and cattle.  It was manned from 1865 when it was built until about 1870 when treaty’s were signed with the Indian Tribes.

Ft Pierce Wash and Bloomington Hills

Years ago the bridge on Ft Pierce drive was much lower to the water. The bridge had metal planks resting on concrete foundation pieces. When the water in the Wash would rise, the metal pieces in the bridge would be moved allowing the water to flow more rapidly. This would leave the bridge impassable re-routing traffic back to Brigham road. As the population increased in Bloomington Hills, the need for a bigger more stable bridge increased until finally the current bridge was constructed.  The new bridge is much higher than the previous bridge, and much safer. There are still times when the water in the Wash rises up to, and nearly over the top of the bridge. When the water reaches this level local authorities will close the bridge until the waters recede, and travel is safe again. This is not a frequent event, but when we are receiving a lot of water in Bloomington Hills it is a good idea to pay attention to the Wash.