Bloomington Hills North

Bloomington Hills NorthIt doesn’t take long to realize that Bloomington Hills has two sides, Bloomington Hills North and Bloomington Hills South. I am not sure if there is a definite dividing line between the north side and south side or not? The biggest difference are the entrances. Bloomington Hills North is accessed off of River Road and Ft Pierce Drive. This is also the easiest way to get to the St George Golf Club, which is located in North Bloomington Hills. Bloomington Hills North and South each have some slight advantages.

Bloomington Hills South

Bloomington Hills South is accessed off of Brigham Road, and Bloomington Hills Drive. The biggest advantage for Bloomington Hills South is the proximity to the freeway I-15. There are equally beautiful views from both sides of Bloomington Hills. While Bloomington Hills North is closer to the views of the St George Valley, views from the south side are equally as spectacular. There are plenty of green spaces and golf course views on both sides.  Bloomington Hills can be a little difficult to find your way around in. Unlike many streets and roads in Utah, Bloomington Hills roads do not run in straight lines, in square blocks. This makes for some unique lot sizes, and troublesome navigation. While driving in Bloomington Hills it is important to remember that Ft Pierce and Bloomington Hills drive are the two main roads. If you will take notice where they are in comparison to where you are, you can usually find your way.

Another interesting real estate term associated with Bloomington Hills are what are known as Flag Lots. This means the lot is in the shape of a flag on a pole. The flag pole is the driveway, and the flag is the actual buildable portion of the lot. Some times a house can be situated in between 3 or 4 other houses, with only a small access road.