Bloomington Hills Golf Course

Bloomington Hills Golf CourseThe Bloomington Hills Golf Course is actually the St George Golf Club. It is a public course, even though it has the look and feel of a nicer, more exclusive, private club. The community of Bloomington Hills is built in large part around the golf course. Some homes and lots are directly on the course, while others enjoy panoramic views of the beautiful greens and fairways. Greens fees are very reasonable, with some special summer rates for those who are not afraid to venture out in the heat. To make reservations follow this St George Golf Club link. For those not familiar with the St George weather, temperatures can easily reach 105 plus! This is unfathomable to those that live where humidity is high. The advantage we have here is the low humidity making the temperatures much more tolerable. Bloomington Hills and the St George area enjoy very mild winters, springs, and falls.

Golfing in Bloomington Hills

People who visit St George and Bloomington Hills are amazed at the beauty that many of those who live here take for granted. It can be difficult to concentrate on golf and not get caught up in the beauty of this area. Compared to other courses, fees on our public courses are very competitive. The golf pro’s and staff at the courses are all friendly and accommodating. Another advantage of golfing in Bloomington Hills is the easy access to I-15, and River Road, a main thoroughfare in the St George and Bloomington Hills areas.