Bloomington Hills Bike Trails

Bloomington Hills Bike TrailsThe Bloomington Hills Bike Trails, are a lot of fun to either ride a bike or walk on. They are actually not officially called the Bloomington Hills Bike Trails. They are part of the St George City Trails Program. There are a few places where Bloomington Hills insects with the extensive trails system. The on ramp that is pictured here is off of 2275 Vermillion close to the gated subdivision called The Reserve at Webb Hill.

Lark Spur Bike Trail

Lark Spur Bike Trail is off of 815 Ft Pierce Drive. This is across the street from the Lark Spur Park. This can be a great place to stop and have a drink and use the restrooms if you have been riding for a while. This beautiful park is in central Bloomington Hills, and offers some nice shade trees, drinking fountain, tennis courts, and sand volley ball courts. Hop back on the bike trail and ride along the river, or over into Bloomington. The scenery is spectacular as you ride or walk along these well maintained trails.

Bloomington Hills Bike Trail Safety

Lark Spur Bike TrailBe sure to wear a helmet when riding a bike. You will notice that the trails have a yellow line down the middle. This is to keep people on their own side of the trail. Bikers should be extra cautious when rounding corners. It is important for Bikers to watch for those who are walking and moving a little slower. The trails are not exclusively for biking, but can also be used by joggers, and parents pushing strollers. You can follow this link to see a Google Map of the trail system in St George and Bloomington Hills. This trail system has to be one of the nicest available in the United States.

Be safe and enjoy the beauty of Southern Utah!