Block Parties

Block PartiesBlock Parties are a great time to get to know your neighbors. If you would like to plan a block party let us know. Bloomington Hills Utah block parties can be held any time of the year, but fall is an especially great time to hold a block party.

Bloomington Hills Utah Block Parties

With the temperatures cooling down, it is much easier to plan a time to gather. Block parties are a non denominational event, that center around a geographical area, usual a block or circle. It is a time to become acquainted and have fun with neighbors in the Bloomington Hills area. Some parties are small and casual, but planning a memorable party can include parades, live bands, and a host of other activities. And speaking of bands, if you’re in the market for a great Utah band for one of your events, whether it’s a block party, wedding reception, or corporate event, you’ll want to visit this site. If you live in Bloomington Hills Utah and would like to have a block party, it is really simple to plan one. It is a good idea to include as many neighbors in the planning phase as possible. Once a date and time have been selected the next step would be to spread the word. A simple flyer can be handed out to each house on the block or circle. Games for the kids are always a good idea, but not necessary. Sometimes making assignments to others on the block will insure better attendance.

Bloomington Hills Neighborhood Watch

Some neighborhoods associate their local block parties with a neighborhood watch program. This link will direct you to the St George Police Department Neighborhood Watch program. This will provide a step by step plan to get things rolling on your block.  The block party would probably not be the best place to make specific plans for, or to actually launch the neighborhood watch. It is a great place to  find those interested in helping with the program. It is a good idea to establish a neighborhood watch before anything negative happens rather than wait until after. There are statistics that show that the implementation of the program will benefit areas where they are initiated. Follow this link to read about the benefits of the neighborhood watch program.